Volvo Trucks’ cab plant in Umeå

In future, Volvo Trucks in Umeå will also paint plastic components in the new topcoat paint facility in order to reduce the total impact on the environment.
This entails an investment of SEK 138 million, which is stage 2 of the total investment of SEK 650 million. Volvo Trucks will thereby further enhance quality in order to meet customer demands for better finish on the trucks.

The investment for painting plastics means changes in both technology and logistics, in which the paint plant will get an increased number of robots in both the priming and topcoat facilities and a completely new box for inspection and adjustments.

“The changes are being made for reasons of quality, costs, and the environment. There are great synergies to be gained by painting both the cab and its components in the same flow,” says Lage Lindfors, plant manager for Volvo Trucks in Umeå.

“Volvo stands for quality, safety, and environment, and Volvo Trucks now has a complete, world-class paint facility with focus on our core values,” says Lage Lindfors.

November 28, 2006

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