Volvo Penta restructures dealer network in Australia

With the aim of strengthening its presence in Australia and the entire Oceania region, Volvo Penta is now restructuring its service and dealer organization.
Last year, Volvo Penta acquired the assets of Eastern Engine, which since the 1980s was Volvo Penta’s independent importer in the eastern and central areas of Australia.

The decision to form a wholly owned sales company in Australia facilitates further strengthened customer relations with such well-known boat builders as Riviera, Mustang, Sunrunner and Noosa Cat and the possibilities to strengthen Volvo Penta’s total service and customer offering.

A part of the strategy has been to establish the new company, Volvo Penta Oceania, as a regional base for Volvo Penta, with responsibility to maintain the highest service level and product support for Volvo Penta’s customers in the region.

As part of this strategy, Volvo Penta is implementing the following restructuring:

  • a new dealer structure is being implemented whereby about 25 of the existing 85 dealers in Australia will be designated a Volvo Penta Centre, each with the overall responsibility in the area of sales, product technical specialists, service support, inventories etc.
  •  other dealers are designated Volvo Penta  Dealers, with responsibility for service, support, sales and spare parts to Volvo Penta’s customers.
  • Seapower, which has been Volvo Penta’s independent importer in Western Australia, is being integrated into the new dealer organization and designated a Volvo Penta Centre.

“Today, we have the strongest product program in the marine world. Combined with our new dealer organization, we are now creating the conditions to further strengthen positions in Australia and the entire region,” says Giorgio Paris, head of Volvo Penta Region International: “Volvo Penta Oceania will be one of the cornerstones for future growth.”

With start in April , the new service organization will gradually become effective and is expected to be full implemented in Australia at the end of 2007.

For further information, please contact Auke Bruinsma, Volvo Penta Oceania,
phone: +61 7 39025400, E-mail: