Volvo’s foundry awarded for effective energy initiatives

Volvo Powertrain, the company responsible for developing and producing heavy engines, gearboxes and axles for the Volvo Group, has won the Swedish Foundry Association’s 2007 Energy Award. The foundry in Skövde was awarded for rationalisation initiatives leading to major energy savings.
The foundry at Volvo Powertrain’s plant in Skövde has won the Swedish Foundry Association’s annual energy award for its long-term, systematic efforts to reduce the plant's energy consumption. Since 2003, the foundry has carried out various investment projects aimed at rationalising and optimising energy consumption in production. Alongside these projects, the foundry has worked on improving employees’ attitudes and behaviour with regard to energy issues. The result is a 38% reduction in energy consumption over five years.

“The changes have ranged from switching off lights and computers when going home to optimising ventilation flows in our facilities," says foundry manager Christer Davidsson. “Today we have a state-of-the-art plant where we use the best technology to achieve energy-efficient production. All our employees’ strong dedication and commitment has been crucial in determining these outstanding results, and we’re very proud of their contribution.”

Volvo Powertrain’s foundry in Skövde is northern Europe’s largest grey iron foundry with an annual capacity of 130,000 tonnes of finished cast goods. The Volvo Group recently decided to invest over 1 billion SEK in Volvo Powertrain’s plant in Skövde. The investment includes a new foundry which will supply almost all its own heating energy. The new foundry is expected to start operation in 2009.

December 19, 2007

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