Zap your way around the harbour: Remote controls come aboard

The arrival of the bow propeller has made mooring both easier and safer. However, the view from the wheel is not always perfect. Here is the cure: The QL Wireless Thruster Remote Control is a remote control that can be used anywhere aboard the boat. The driver can manoeuvre the bow and stern propellers from wherever the view is best.
A few years ago QL launched the CT series compact bow thrusters, that became very successful. The wireless remote control that has now been brought out suits all models in that series along with all the QL stern thrusters. Apart from the hand-held unit a special control unit is required that can communicate with the hand-held remote control.

Safe manoeuvring
The wireless remote control unit is much more advanced that the ones used at home with TV sets. It uses radio communication and the signals are coded, uniquely for each installation. For extra safety the control unit replies to each call and identifies itself to the remote control unit Regardless of this, the bow and stern thrusters respond immediately on command, and precision manoeuvring is simple.

Logical button arrangement
The hand-held unit is simplicity itself to use. The buttons are large and labelled in a completely logical manner. The driver can manoeuvre the boat quickly and intuitively.

A special function for those who have both bow and stern thrusters is that there is a special button in order to rotate the boat on its own axis. Both propellers are activated in this case, and the boat turns on the spot.

The hand-held unit is very robust, has a wrist strap, floats if it falls into the water and is waterproof.

The QL Wireless Thruster Remote Control is available for new installations and can also be fitted afterwards to all QL CT bow propellers and QL stern propellers.

High resolution
Low resolution

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