Volvo enters into partnership with TV4 for Nobel Prize broadcasts

Volvo has entered into a partnership with TV4 for the channel’s broadcasts prior to and during this year’s Nobel Prize ceremony. This three-year partnership agreement means that Volvo will participate in presenting the Nobel Prize and Nobel Laureates to Swedish and international television audiences in cooperation with TV4.
Volvo Group CEO Leif Johansson and Jan Scherman, CEO TV4

The largest tv-channel in Sweden, TV4, has taken over the broadcast rights of the Nobel Prize ceremony from Swedish Television (SVT) and will broadcast special coverage of the announcement of this year’s winners and the award ceremony itself. The channel will also broadcast many special programs about the Prizes and the Laureates. On Nobel Day, December 10, TV4 will withdraw all traditional advertising from its programming to provide more coverage from the Nobel Prize ceremonies.

“The Nobel Prize is one of the world’s strongest brands and emphasizes individual achievements in research and science – areas that are central to Volvo and to Swedish industry. With a certain amount of concern, we have noted that interest in science among young people is diminishing. The Nobel Prize rewards expertise and innovation and through this, can encourage achievement in particularly the area of science, which is a key area for Volvo both historically and for the future,” says Leif Johansson, CEO of Volvo Group.

“We are very gratified that Volvo has chosen to work together with TV4 prior to and during broadcasts on Nobel Day on TV4. We hope that for three years we can jointly raise awareness of science in general – and awareness of the Nobel Prize in particular,” says Jan Scherman, President of TV4.