The National Shingo Prize announced July 23 that the Asheville Plant is awarded the National Shingo Silver Medallion for 2008/2009. The formal recognition and award will be presented at a ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee in May 2009 as well as the North Carolina State Shingo Conference in March 2009.

The Asheville Plant has been using the Shingo criteria since 2005 as a benchmark to understand where the Plant is on their lean journey and to assess the breadth and depth of actual lean implementation.  The Plant was recognized in 2007 as a recipient of the North Carolina State Shingo Silver Award.  The Shingo Prize is recognized in the U.S. and Canada as the Nobel Prize of manufacturing.  Companies that receive Shingo recognition must demonstrate lean implementation progressing from the stages of Principles, Systems, Tools and Techniques to the ultimate goal of achieving exceptional business results and customer satisfaction.

The state level Shingo awards were eliminated in 2008 with all applicants now being evaluated at the national level.  The levels of recognition from the National Shingo are Bronze Medallion, Silver Medallion and The Shingo Prize.   

This is truly an accomplishment for Asheville Plant employees as they continue their Journey to Operational Excellence and the quest for the National Shingo Prize in 2010.