Volvo Trucks rolls out safest Volvo to date

Today, Volvo Trucks unveiled a new generation of FH, FH16 and FM trucks. Safety, driver environment and the driver were the focal points in development of the new models. One of the major new features is a support system that monitors and alerts the driver if he or she becomes tired. The system can contribute to reducing the number of traffic accidents through solving a human problem.
Volvo Trucks rolls out safest Volvo to date
“As much as 90% of all traffic accidents are related to the human factor,” says Volvo Trucks President and CEO Staffan Jufors. “Inattentiveness and tiredness are common causes. Our new system – Driver Alert Support – helps the driver understand that it is time to take a break.”

Volvo Trucks is now introducing several support systems that help the driver increase traffic safety while on the road, systems that reinforce Volvo Trucks’ position as the industry leader in safety. In addition, Volvo’s highly fuel-efficient engine and gearbox range is being broadened with a new 11-liter engine.

Driver is key person
The new features presented in conjunction with the launch focus heavily on the driver’s needs and improved transport economy. Major emphasis has been placed on a pleasant working environment, with the possibility of quality resting. The launch also encompasses a major campaign for driver training. According to an EU directive, all transport operators must be able to offer their drivers training as of autumn 2009. Volvo can already offer approved courses in safety, efficiency and driving style to improve fuel economy.

Strengthens business
“In all, this is a massive launch that reinforces our entire customer offering,” comments Staffan Jufors. “ Broadening our range of services is as important as the new features on the trucks. Prior to the launch, about 3,500 personnel in our sales and service network in Europe have undergone training in the new features and how to better see and understand how we can assist our customers in becoming more profitable.

“Getting closer to the customer is a cornerstone in our strategy,” he continues. “Since 2003, we have invested EUR 400 M in developing our sales and dealer network. In Europe, two-thirds of our sales and one-third of our services are channeled through wholly-owned Volvo Truck Centers.”

Investing in production facilities
Parallel with the launch, considerable investments are also being made in Volvo Trucks’ production system, with the aim of increasing capacity and efficiency. In total, Volvo Trucks is investing EUR 300 M in a new factory in Russia, in the cab plant in Umeå, Sweden and efficiency enhancement measures in existing assembly plants.

“The new features presented today, combined with our total offering and our planned investments strengthen our customers’ competitiveness,” states Staffan Jufors. “In turn, this creates conditions for Volvo Trucks’ continued growth in sales of new trucks as well as services.”

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New launch features in brief


Driver Alert Support monitors and alerts tired drivers. Volvo is the first in Europe to introduce this system for trucks.

Electronic Stability Program
A system that prevents the risk of roll-over accidents when hauling a trailer. Has so far only been available on tractors. Volvo is the first truck maker in the world to offer this system on rigids in 6x2 configuration.
Lane Changing Support uses a radar sensor to alert the driver of vehicles in the blind spot on the passenger side.

A new 11-liter engine for the Volvo FM tractor. A light, powerful and economical addition to the D13, 390 hp and 430 hp.  A new automatic gearbox for the Volvo FL distribution truck.

Driver environment
A number of new features that improves the cargo area as well as the driver work environment and rest area. Examples include a powerful sound system, with USB, MP3 and external sound source connections as well as the possibility to integrate a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

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