President Bush Tours Volvo Group Exhibition of CO2-neutral Trucks in Washington, DC

Volvo Group CEO, Leif Johansson introduced the President of the United States, George W. Bush to the future of environmentally adapted, heavy-duty transportation.

The President toured the display hall at the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference ( yesterday, where seven Volvo Group trucks – six Volvo truck models and one Mack Truck - each capable of operating on different renewable fuels, were presented. "Each of the trucks seen by President Bush can be driven without any net contribution of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere," said Johansson.  The display also included a Mack hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), which will be delivered to the U.S. Air Force under a cooperative research and development agreement.  Four Mack HEV trucks are currently being tested by the U.S. Air Force.

“We are grateful for President Bush's interest in our achievements and I shared with him Volvo's long-term goal of providing advanced vehicles having a benign environmental footprint," Johansson added.

During his address to conference participants, President Bush noted "Expanding use in ethanol and biodiesel requires getting more cars on the road that use these alternative fuels. We expect the private sector to respond."

"Amazing joint venture with Mack and Volvo on these giant trucks that are using biodiesel to power them," continued President Bush. "Technology is changing. Five years ago those trucks would not have been available for people at this exhibit to look at. Today they're on the road. As a matter of fact, the United States Air Force is using these kinds of trucks. Things are changing."

The Volvo Group is also participating in an  environmental agreement developed by the American and Swedish governments. The program aims at reducing the use of fossil fuels through cooperative projects in the areas of energy and automotive development, including advanced hybrid and alternative driveline technology.

"Volvo has the technology and resources for carbon-dioxide-free transports, but we cannot do it alone. By participating in this conference we have had the opportunity to show the American President and the public that Volvo is doing all it can to move the technological future one-step closer." Johansson concluded.

March 6, 2008