Volvo IT begins partnership with IBS

Volvo IT and business system supplier IBS have signed an agreement making it possible for IBS’ customers to allow Volvo IT responsibility for operating their business systems.
image text: Volvo IT in partnership with IBS
The partnership means that operational services from Volvo IT are included in IBS’ complete solution including software, consultancy services, infrastructure, operation, maintenance and financing.

“This benefits all parties. IBS can provide a complete solution to its customers, while we increase volumes at our computer centre, making IT operations more cost-effective for all our customers,” says Olle Högblom, Vice President Global Marketing and Sales at Volvo IT. 

“With Volvo IT as a partner, IBS can offer the market a unique solution - global as well as local - that delivers operations management and flexible capacity services,” says P-A Freiholtz, Vice President IBS Nordics.

Volvo IT has one of the Nordic region’s largest IT operations, located in Göteborg and manned around the clock, throughout the year. The operational organisation is global with customers around the world. 

September 3, 2008

For further information please contact

Christer Brasta, Director Corporate Communications, Volvo IT
Phone:+46 (0) 31 322 07 21, +46 (0) 739 02 07 21,

Camilla Moore, Information Director, IBS AB
Tel: +46 8 627 2552, +46 70 555 12 39,