Volvo Construction Equipment Announces California Approval for HUSS MK Retrofit System for Volvo Tier 3 IERG Engines

In late 2008, Volvo Construction Equipment entered into a strategic partnership with HUSS, LLC, to provide retrofit systems for Volvo construction equipment that will significantly reduce exhaust emissions. The HUSS MK system now has final approval from California for Volvo Tier 3 IEGR-equipped machines in that state.
HUSS Retrofit

The HUSS MK system, approved for use on Volvo engines utilizing V-ACT technology with internal exhaust gas recirculation (IEGR), meets California’s CARB Level 3+ requirements.  Volvo equipment owners can utilize the system to help comply with the “In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation”, or to provide the best available control technology (BACT) for the newest machines in owners’ fleets.  Previously, engines using any type of EGR had been excluded from applying exhaust retrofit technology in California.  This has now changed with the recent system verification by the state.

The HUSS retrofit system for Volvo equipment is capable of collecting up to 99% of diesel particulate matter (PM) emissions, substantially exceeding the California CARB requirements.

How the retrofit system works

The retrofit system is equipped with a HUSS Control Unit that constantly monitors filter function to precisely control diesel PM loading and regeneration. This is an active filter regeneration system, accomplished through an integrated fuel burner system. Regeneration typically takes place after approximately 8 to 10 operating hours and is completed during breaks or shift change in 5 to 35 minutes with no external support needed. Engine exhaust backpressure is set to Volvo requirements. In addition to the reduction of 99% PM, there is no increase of NO2 or other secondary emissions. The HUSS technology is adaptable to low and high-horsepower equipment (up to 700 hp) providing reliable installations for both rubber tired and tracked machines. With the active system, there is no need to be concerned with exhaust temperature profiles, changing duty cycles, ULSD fuel, stocking extra filters or incur undue downtime swapping filters due to the clogging and cleaning cycle of misapplied passive systems.

HUSS, LLC, Palm Springs, California, is a worldwide recognized specialist in exhaust aftertreatment for diesel engines and, with more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and servicing of diesel particulate filtration systems, has clearly established itself as the leader in the industry.  HUSS was one of the first to have ARB verification and to establish system sales, technical support and components warehousing in California to serve the North America marketplace. A recent moving to upgraded facilities will now serve the North American market even better. Applications of the HUSS systems include construction and mining equipment, industrial and refuse trucks, transit and school buses, heavy-duty on-highway vehicles and stationary generator sets.

A cleaner environment and substantial cost savings

The Volvo/HUSS emissions reduction retrofit system may be installed on all Volvo equipment in customer fleets and in addition to improving the environment, customers using the system may be able to realize thousands of dollars in savings by keeping machines in their current fleets and avoiding the costly process of total engine replacement. They may also be eligible for state and federal grants and incentives by meeting ever-increasing emissions requirements. Retrofit now, receive available funding and earn double credits in some areas.