Tow mode for more enjoyable water sports

Tow mode for Volvo Penta’s gasoline engines with sterndrive makes wakeboarding, waterskiing and other water sports simpler, safer and more fun – for both driver and e.g. skier. In tow mode, the boat automatically accelerates up to a preset rpm and maintains this rpm regardless of what the skier does.

For maximum enjoyment and safety of the person wakeboarding or water-skiing, the boat should accelerate as rapidly as possible up to a suitable speed and then maintain it. But this can be difficult for the driver and often the speed is either too high or uneven.

The new Tow mode function solves this. The driver sets the desired rpm on the engine display. To pull the skier out of the water, the driver gives full throttle and the boat accelerates – but only up to the preset rpm. If the load changes, e.g. when the skier makes a sharp turn, the system compensates so that the engine maintains its rpm.

New 2.5” display
A new b/w 2.5” display is now available for the gasoline program. This display makes it easy to handle EVC functions such as Tow mode. With extra software and the right sensor installed, the display can also show trip computer functions.

Display, tow mode


EVC is Volvo Penta’s electronic platform. EVC connects the engine, transmission, instruments and accessories in one and the same system. The result is high reliability, simple updates and access to smart accessories.

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