New larger Volvo Penta IPS already a success

The Volvo Penta IPS concept is expanding this year with the addition of a further two power classes – the IPS900 and the IPS800 – with a new and more powerful drive unit and 70% larger propellers matched with Volvo Penta’s high-torque 11-liter diesel engine.

A package that, in twin, triple and quad-engine installations, is suitable for all planing boats and motor yachts from 50 to 100 feet.

Volvo Penta IPS is the world-leading system in the boating industry for pod installations. Since its launch in 2005, Volvo Penta has, with the help of the IPS system, successfully taken an increasingly large share of the inboard market. To date, more than 10,000 units have been delivered and installed in more than 250 boat models at boat builders all over the world.

Deliveries of the new IPS900 and IPS800 models have already begun and they have been received very well in the industry. To date, they are being installed in more than 20 different boat models from 50 to 100 feet in the form of twin, triple and quad-engine installations in everything from dedicated sport fishing boats to flybridge yachts and more open express cruisers.

Pod for motor yachts
The new drive unit, the pod, is very robust and reliable and is type-approved by DNV, Det Norska Veritas for commercial use. It has been developed to handle the 2.5 times higher torque from the 11-liter engine and a 70 percent larger propeller blade area and transform this to effective propulsion and steering of boats that can weight from 20 to upwards of 70 tons. Here, the size of the propellers is a crucial factor. The new pod’s 70 percent larger propeller blade area is a must to handle the forces placed upon the blades. The propellers are forward-facing in order to operate in undisturbed water, which results in superior efficiency – and thus lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

As before, the new Volvo Penta IPS models are complete and integrated packages with engine, transmission, and exhaust system, plus fully electronic steering in the pod.

Low-speed mode and Dynamic Positioning System
Two new functions have also been launched for the Volvo Penta IPS. The low-speed mode is standard and is integrated in the standard controls. A slip clutch halves the boat’s speed when idling from about six knots to three knots, thus making low-speed maneuvers in close quarters smoother and safer.

The function Dynamic Positioning System is a new and smart aid when e.g. waiting at the fuel dock or for a bridge or lock to open. When docking, the Dynamic Positioning System gives the crew time to prepare fenders and lines. Just press a button and the boat automatically maintains its position in the water – the engines and the drives do all the work together with a specially developed twin GPS receiver.

Multiple installations
The IPS system is very flexible and is available for twin, triple and quad-engine installations. The wide range of IPS packages means that boat builders can find the right alternative for every type of boat from about 35 feet to 100 feet.

A quad-engine installation of Volvo Penta IPS900 equals a shaft installation generating 3,600 horsepower. Fuel consumption and range improve by more than 30 percent and the boat simultaneously becomes cleaner and quieter – with significantly improved performance.

There is no difference for the driver whether the boat is powered by two, three or four IPS systems. Acceleration and shifting occur in the same way with twin, single lever, controls. Both joystick and the new Dynamic Positioning System are available.

11-liter engine
The engine for the IPS800 and IPS900 is Volvo Penta’s 11-liter engine, D11, with 600 hp or 700 hp. It is a modern in-line 6-cylinder marine diesel equipped with high-pressure fuel injection, and a unique twin-entry turbo that enables pulse charging, a mechanical compressor and charge air cooling. This modern technique provides powerful torque from low RPMs and a high maximum power output combined with low fuel consumption and low emissions. The engines satisfy both EU regulations and the far more comprehensive US EPA Tier 2 exhaust emission legislation. 

Technical data
Model designation                                    IPS800                  IPS900

Cylinder volume, l (in3)                           10.8 (661)             10.8 (661)

Engine type                                             In-line 6-cylinder    In-line 6-cylinder

Crankshaft power, kW(hp)/rpm                441 (600)/2300       515 (700)/2350

Turbo charging                                        Twin entry turbo and mechanical compressor with charge air cooler

Speed range                                           28 to 40 knots top speed

Emissions                                               Satisfies EU RCD and US EPA Tier 2.



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