Smart windows at COP 15 climate conference in Copenhagen

ChromoGenics, the Swedish developer and manufacturer of smart sun blocking windows for vehicles and buildings, will demonstrate its technology in connection with the UN climate change conference COP 15 in Copenhagen in December. Volvo Technology Transfer is one of the investors behind ChromoGenics.

“To quickly reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions is an overall extremely important mission for the entire Volvo Group. Lower fuel cost also increases the profitability for our costumers”, says Per Wassén, Investment Director at Volvo Technology Transfer and Chairman of ChromoGenics,

 The ChromoGenics “smart windows” technology makes it possible to control the glass translucency and thereby regulating the inlet of both heat and light. By changing the color of the window from light to dark, the glass can block heat end thus reduce the need for air conditioning and energy consumption by up to 50 percent in warm countries. In reverse, it’s an advantage to be able to choose to let in the sun light and heat on cold days. The actual ConverLight product can be likened to a thin plastic foil containing a layer of so called electrochrome material. The electrochrome material changes its translucency when a weak electric voltage is applied.

As a part of the exhibition Bright Green Expo at the climate change conference in Copenhagen, windows with the ConverLight technology will be demonstrated in a model house, along with other ground breaking climate solutions.

“I am thrilled that ChromoGenics are given the chance to demonstrate our leading technology at the climate conference in Copenhagen, where the world’s top leaders participate, says Thomas Almesjö”, Chief Executive of ChromoGenics.

ChromoGenics is now industrializing its operation for full scale production of ConverLight. A future large-scale market includes especially buildings, but also windows for aero planes, buses, boats, construction equipment, cars and other vehicles.

Volvo Technology Transfer made its investment in ChromoGenics in 2006, and owns circa 20 percent of the company. According to Per Wassén, climate smart windows are in line with the Volvo Group’s mission to minimize fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

“The largest part of the world’s oil consumption is spent on cooling, and not heating, which is a common misconception. A car stuck in traffic on a hot day spends over 25 percent of the engine’s power for air conditioning”, comments Per Wassén.

“Climate smart windows from ChromoGenics could reduce the need for air conditioning and thus the fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Also, windows from ChromoGenics are definitely interesting as we move on to electric hybrid vehicles, as we really need to reduce the big spenders of electricity, such as for instance air conditioning”, he says.

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ChromoGenics AB was founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the Ångström Laboratory of Uppsala University in Sweden, led by professor Claes-Göran Granqvist. The main investors include the founders, Volvo Technology Transfer AB, DuPont Ventures, Stiftelsen Industrifonden and BankInvest New Energy Solutions.

Volvo Technology Transfer AB is a subsidiary of the Volvo Group. Volvo Technology Transfer develops and supports new business that is relevant to the Volvo Group.  This comprises investing in companies and projects that are of strategic, technical and commercial interest.

December 4, 2009

Journalists who would like further information, please contact
Per Wassén, Investment Director Volvo Technology Transfer and Chairman of ChromoGenics AB, tel +46 (0) 708 960 055
Thomas Almesjö, Chief Executive ChromoGenics AB, tel +46 (0)706 29 07 82


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