Eight future-oriented projects to be partially financed by Swedish Government

The Swedish Energy Agency is to contribute SEK 87.6 M to eight of the Volvo Group’s research projects that are aimed at reducing fuel consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases from commercial vehicles. Several of the projects are related to projects that are partly financed by the US Department of Energy and are being conducted by the Volvo Group in the US.

The eight research projects are among the first for which the Volvo Group is to receive financing within the framework of strategic vehicle research and innovation (FFI), a cooperative program between the Swedish Government and the automotive industry that commenced on January 1. The automotive industry accounts for more than half of the program’s entire budget of approximately SEK 1 billion per year.

“This type of cooperation between the Volvo Group, authorities, universities and suppliers ensures that we are even better equipped to address future challenges in the area of environmental technology,” says Urban Wass from AB Volvo’s Public Affairs department, who has responsibility for research cooperation.

The eight new research projects that will be partly financed by the Swedish Government have a total combined budget of slightly more than SEK 200 M. The projects are:

  • Second-generation high-efficiency engine systems with limited revolutions per minute - Volvo Powertrain Corporation
  • Energy-efficient emissions reduction - Volvo Technology AB
  • Second-generation mild hybrid drivelines with limited revolutions per minute - Volvo Powertrain Corporation
  • Operationally reliable drivelines for biodiesel - Volvo Powertrain Corporation
  • Integration, verification and demonstration - Volvo Powertrain Corporation
  • Design optimization of wheels and wheel housing in heavy vehicles in relation to fuel consumption and flow of cooling air - AB Volvo
  • Optimization of the flow process in engine compartments - Volvo Lastvagnar AB
  • Wet slipping disc clutches in heavy vehicles - Volvo Construction Equipment AB
  • Exhaust catalytic converters for future fuels - Volvo Technology AB

At the beginning of the year, the Volvo Group was granted partial government funding for its first projects within the FFI framework. The projects are related to such subjects as safer vehicles, efficient transport solutions, new materials, advanced electronics and new production technology.

For further information, contact Urban Wass, Volvo Group Public Affairs, urban.wass@volvo.com, tel +46 31 664436