VTT invests in SDCmaterials

Volvo Technology Transfer (VTT) has become one of four major investors in Arizona-based SDCmaterials. VTT has identified a unique opportunity to promote a state-of-the-art technology which looks set to revolutionise the catalyst industry.

SDCmaterials develops advanced nano-material formulations, which will significantly cut the cost of developing and manufacturing catalysts for the automotive industry. SDC’s patented technology, which has significantly reduced the use of precious metals, is currently being tested by a leading German automotive manufacturer, with early indications suggesting that it could enter series production in 2010.

The technology has been developed for use in standard diesel engines and can be applied to all engine-powered vehicles. VTT’s CEO Anders Brännström hopes that this technology might become a ground-breaking feature of the Volvo Group’s future product range.

“We’re extremely excited about the SDC opportunity,” he says. “Thanks to this technology, we have the potential to reduce the cost of expensive catalytic materials by up to 60 per cent.”

Contact information:
Anders Brännström
President & CEO, Volvo Technology Transfer
+46 31 669160

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