Volvo and Mack engines first to be certified for near-zero emissions of EPA 2010

Volvo and Mack are the first truck manufacturers to have their engines certified by the U S Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board as meeting upcoming 2010 diesel emissions standards, the most stringent in the world.

Volvo and Mack are the first truck manufacturers to have their heavy-duty 11 and 13 liter diesel engines certified for 2010 by both EPA and CARB. These engines have been fully certified to meet EPA’s stringent standards without the use of emissions credits.

“This outstanding achievement is yet another testimony to the skills of our engineers on both sides of the Atlantic”, said Peter Karlsten, Chief Technical Officer of the Volvo Group.

Volvo and Mack’s emissions technology for EPA2010 does more than cut emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) to near-zero levels. Using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to reduce NOx, Volvo and Mack improved fuel economy and reduced emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2. 

The Volvo Group has billions of miles of real-world experience with SCR in the European markets among others.

November 19, 2009

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