Volvo Group and social media

As an employee of the Volvo Group, as with everyone else, you are naturally free to use such social media as Facebook. In cases where an employee states or writes something about his/her workplace and employer, the same rules apply as otherwise in social contexts.

The Volvo Group has social media guidelines that were prepared as a support to employees to clarify how they should think when sharing information in social media. The essence of the policy is that employees should use common sense and sound judgment in discussions about the Volvo Group, show respect for other people and their opinions and not disclose business secrets – guidelines that are obvious and apply in all connections, not only in relation to social media. It is also important to be clear that as a Volvo employee you must not make official statements on behalf of the company, and to only write about facts that have been substantiated. 

In the past few days, the media has reported about three individuals who were allegedly dismissed from Volvo Powertrain in Skövde as a result of comments about Volvo Powertrain on Facebook. The three were not employees of Volvo but were hired through a recruitment company. Volvo informed the recruitment company that these three people had not lived up to its expectations for various reasons. The comments made on Facebook were only part of the collective assessment behind the decision to relieve the three people hired from the recruitment company from their assignments. 

Attached: Volvo Group’s social media guidelines