Up to 90 percent less NOx in new inland waterway tanker

This summer the MTS Duandra was launched in Benelux as the world’s first semi-hybrid inland waterway tanker built by Shipyard Trico B.V. This ship uses Volvo Penta diesel engines for both propulsion and generator set that helps to reduce emissions significantly.

The two standard Volvo Penta D16 MG Gensets on MTS Duandra generate power for on-board electricity, thruster, cargo pumps and two electric engines which are part of the propulsion system.

This setup reduces the total installed diesel power on-board the Duandra with approximately 30% compared to a conventionally built ship. The savings made were used to invest in the extra electric equipment and as well to invest in catalytic converter and particulate filter on all the D16 engines on-board. By using this technique the NOx emissions are reduced by approximately 70 to 90% and particulates are reduced by about 40%.

The propulsion system consists of a 750 hp Volvo Penta propulsion engine connected to a MMW1700 gearbox. On the gearbox a 475 hp electric motor is also connected and together they can drive the 1,225 hp designed propeller to full speed on request. The propeller can be diesel-electric, diesel direct or combined driven, so the skipper can always find the most efficient way of propulsion and has a lot of redundancy which guarantees an almost 100% uptime of this ship.

Through this semi-hybrid, the propulsion and Gensets engines run on controllable higher load compared to a standard propulsion installation, which is in favour of the specific fuel consumption of the propulsion engines compared to a standard single propulsion engine unit of 1225hp.

This semi hybrid concept proves that it is possible to build a ship with future emission levels, for a conventional built ship’s price on existing emission levels and that’s the first time ever done.The whole scope of supply, the propulsion engines, and Gensets and after treatment equipment is delivered through the Volvo Penta Marine Commercial Center Terlouw in Rotterdam. They will also take care of the full service of all equipment which is a big advantage for the owner of the ship.

Brief facts:
Length: 110 m
Width: 16, 20 m
Displacement: 6060 tons

Scope of Supply MTS Duandra:
Propulsion: 2 x Volvo Penta D16 MH 552kW/1900 rpm.
Gensets: 2 x Volvo Penta D16 MG, with Stamford HCM 534F-1 generator, 596kVA/60Hz.
Harbour set: 1 x Volvo Penta D5A-B TA with Stamford UCM 274E-1 generator, 108kVA/50Hz.

High resolution images:
Duandra Exterior >>
Duandra Engine Room >>

For further information please contact Jan-Willem Vissers, Marine Sales Manager, Volvo Penta Office Benelux, phone; +31 345 688771 E-mail: jan-willem.vissers@volvo.com