Soon seven hundred – and growing.

A continuously expanding service/dealer network is a vital part of Volvo Penta Industrial’s products.

For Volvo Penta Industrial, supplying original equipment manufacturers all over the world with high-performance engines and power systems is just one part of the deal. For the end user, Volvo Penta’s service and support network is as important as product performance, because when it comes to product qualities, uptime is king.

A leading manufacturer
For decades, Volvo Penta Industrial has manufactured engines and complete power systems for industrial applications. Today, the company is one of the world’s leading companies in its field. As a part of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s largest diesel engine manufacturers, Volvo Penta has extensive resources for production and continuous development of diesel power systems.

Proactive support – key to uptime
Today, Volvo Penta’s comprehensive global aftermarket services play a vital role in the sales process – and the services as well as the service network grows with the customers’ needs. But for Volvo Penta, as well as its customers, preplanning, e.g. service agreements, scheduled maintenance and preventive repairs, is the first, basic step for maximising uptime.

An integral part of the product
A vehicle or machine that stands still because of engine malfunction is not only a cause of irritation and extra work for the user, it has also gone from a source of income to a cost. When an engine –despite all safety measures – stops, instant and effective service is the only solution.
End users, such as construction or material handling companies, are well aware of this situation. They don’t see effective service and support as an added value to the engine, but as an integral part of it. No product benefit can compensate for downtime.

Grows with the customers
When it comes to parts, service and support, Volvo Penta and the other companies in the Volvo Group make good use of the group’s common logistic functions and operations, aftermarket systems and tools, and technical assistance. This is supported centrally at Volvo Penta, by a partner network, methods and diagnostics, programs, information and analysis. This is further supported by Volvo Penta’s total dealer network with some 4,000 specially trained dealers worldwide.  And, whenever needed, the network grows: new dealers are added within Volvo Group and local workshops are trained and authorized.

A well-functioning structure
The Volvo Group support structure consists of three basic parts: Systems, Service and Parts. “Systems” include e.g. systems for parts ordering, information, service and warranty handling, the Argus case handling system and Vodia diagnostic and software handling system. “Service” comprises e.g. special tools, technicians, service agreements, advanced technical support and technical documentation. Here, Volvo Penta Action Service must be highlighted – this unique telephone service is available to all Volvo Penta owners round the clock, 365 days per year. “Parts”, finally, covers e.g. genuine Volvo Penta parts, parts availability, web-based ordering system and an emergency order system.

Local presence
All service and support depend on local presence. Apart from being convenient, this is often also a competitive advantage. Volvo Penta Industrial currently has close to 700 dedicated service dealers, who are also backed up by the Volvo Group’s 40 warehouses that feed 15,000 distribution points all over the world. Together, this chain handles 32 million order lines every year.

The complete offer
For Volvo Penta Industrial, a complete offer – first-class products and aftermarket services – has been a matter of course for a very long time. And just like the products, the aftermarket services are developing continuously.

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