Keep it simple!

Volvo Penta announces Tier 4 Final/Stage 4 – with the same technology as in 2011.

Volvo Penta used SCR technology to meet the emission legislation in 2011. In order to keep it simple for the OEMs, the same technology will be used to comply with the stringent emission steps of 2014.

For the OEMs, this means no re-generation, limited installation challenges, continuous optimized fuel consumption and low operating costs.

It is true to say that the diesel power industry is in the middle of the most exciting and demanding times ever in terms of development challenges. The emission legislation introduced in North America and Europe 2011 (Tier 4 Interim/Stage 3B) forced all engine manufacturers to introduce after-treatment systems to deal with either NOx (nitrogen oxides) or PM (particulate matter).

This, in turn, has put enormous demands on OEMs who need to re-design their machines to install the new engines and after-treatment systems. To ease this transition, the authorities in Europe and North America have flexibility schemes that allow OEMs to place previous step engines, Tier 3/Stage 3A, on the market within certain parameters. The outcome is a mixed picture of engine manufacturers and OEMs either ready for 2011 on time or delayed and with one eye to the future storm clouds coming in 2014.

2011- 2014
Within a 3-year period, the same markets will be introducing the next step in the regulations: Tier 4 Final/Stage 4. This step changes the Nox from 2.0 g/kWh to 0.4 g/kWh, an 80% reduction. This will result in further changes to the engine and after-treatment systems on diesel engines that are to comply with the new regulations.

Volvo Penta’s approach – keep it simple
Volvo Penta’s strategy is to keep these changes as simple as possible. On 1 January, 2011, Volvo Penta was ready with its range of engines compliant with Tier 4 Interim/Stage 3B –and will be ready to meet OEM’s needs in 2014.
The solution Volvo Penta put forward in 2011 was based on SCR, optimizing fuel consumption, same cooling-package size and no re-generation. In 2014, Volvo Penta will achieve the same objectives again, no re-generation and limited installation challenges for OEMs and low operating costs.

“We have extensive experience of SCR technology in the Volvo Group and we firmly believe that our Tier 4 Final product range is industry leading. OEMs and operators are extremely pleased with our Tier 4 Interim engines and our Tier 4 Final range builds on this firm foundation to provide even greater competitive advantages”, says Giorgio Paris, Global head of the Industrial Engine segment at Volvo Penta.

Intermat 2012
Volvo Penta will be unveiling its Tier 4 Final/Stage 4 product range at the Intermat exhibition in Paris, in April, 2012. OEMs and operators are welcome to view and discuss the engines that will be on display.

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