High interest in Volvo Step among young women

The Volvo Step, the Volvo Group’s one-year vocational training programme in industrial production, is generating a high level of interest among young women. Of the 400 training places reserved this year for unemployed youth in the 18-22 age bracket, young women account for 44 percent.

”It is incredibly satisfying that so many young women want to take part in The Volvo Step, especially in view of our aim of increasing the percentage of females employed in production”, comments Kerstin Renard, head of Human Resources at the Volvo Group.

The purpose of the programme, which began on November 5 at a total of 13 Volvo plants and sites in Sweden, is to equip young people with the appropriate skills and experience to work in the production sector, either within the Volvo Group or with other employers. Lasting one year, the course alternates theory with practice. On completion of training, successful participants will receive a certificate to show that they are sufficiently qualified to work in industrial production.

”Our aim is to establish a satisfactory balance between young women and young men, as well as in terms of background and experience”, adds Kerstin Renard. “It is gratifying to see that we have succeeded so well.”

Representing an overall investment of SEK450 million, The Volvo Step is a three-year project that will enable a total of 1,200 young people to avail of a year’s training with pay.

Official website in Swedish only: www.volvosteget.se