The game that puts you behind the wheel in the Volvo Group’s world

No matter whether we are talking about transporting food, carrying passengers and goods, or building roads and houses, Volvo Group vehicles meet daily needs the world over, helping to ensure that the societies in which we live function smoothly. Now the Volvo Group is releasing Transporters, a game in which you get behind the wheel of one of the Group’s many vehicles and carry out a variety of transport assignments. “The game is a playful way of illustrating the Volvo Group’s daily contribution to society,” says Mårten Wikforss, Executive Vice President Corporate Communications at the Volvo Group.

Over the past year, news site Global News has been available via the Volvo Group’s external website. It is now being launched for a wider public with the help of a game called Transporters (, where the aim is to think fast and respond accurately. By driving different vehicle types, picking up objects and avoiding obstacles in a variety of environments, you take part in a virtual journey through everyday life at the Volvo Group.

“The game is a playful way of illustrating how the Volvo Group and our products contribute to society every single day. For instance, one in every seven meals reaches European consumers thanks to trucks wearing the Volvo badge. In the USA, the waste that is carried away every week in our refuse trucks could form a column of trash bins reaching all the way to the moon, to mention just a couple of examples,” says Mårten Wikforss.

Global News is one of the Volvo Group’s windows to the world, where news and events relating to the Group are presented. Here you can read about the very latest technologies and Volvo products, as well as the role that the Volvo Group plays in today’s society and what it is like to work in a global company.

Transporters can be played on the web, tablets or smartphone, making it both simple and fun to challenge friends and acquaintances and allowing you to compete against anyone anywhere in the world.

Test the game at and read more about the Volvo Group and its role in society on

October 29, 2012

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