Off to the races

It’s one of the most glamorous sporting events in the world — and Volvo Penta was in the middle of it, powering the Singapore Grand Prix and making sure the lights stayed on for the entire 61-lap, 308-kilometer race.
The Singapore Grand Prix, which just wrapped up its 15 th event since 1966, is one of few races in the world of its caliber held at nighttime. And of course a racecourse at night needs to be lit up as bright as day for the 21 drivers, as well as the 84,000-plus spectators who lined up along the 5.1-kilometer (3.1-mile) Marina Bay Street Circuit during race weekend, 19-21 September. And that’s where Volvo Penta came in.

A bright idea
During the Grand Prix, 25 genset units are set up along the racecourse running at 500 kVA on prime power. These units, powered by 16-liter Volvo Penta TAD1641GE engines, provide a total of 12,500 kVA (10 mW) of electricity to power 2,000 metal halide projector lights that illuminate the racetrack. Volvo Penta has just powered its fourth race.


During race week, Volvo Penta kept three crew members on the ground in Singapore for monitoring. “The gensets are set up on the racecourse three months in advance, and the race always has a lot of changes from the year before. We have a great responsibility on our shoulders. Power and light are critical to the event, so not only is the adrenaline flowing on the race track but with everyone behind the scenes as well!” says Daniel Boberg, business development manager for Volvo Penta’s Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific region.

Organizers for an event this prestigious have to rely on the top suppliers and best products available — nothing can go wrong. This indicates the great trust the Singapore Grand Prix has in Volvo Penta,” he says. “We’re proud that the things we do best — quality and reliability — are there for the whole world to see.”

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