Volvo Penta offers extended fitted-parts warranty

Volvo Penta has doubled the warranty on Genuine Volvo Penta Parts and Accessories that are purchased and installed at a Volvo Penta dealer — creating even better protection for customers.
Volvo Penta offers a comprehensive 12-month warranty on Genuine Volvo Penta Parts. But now the company has extended that warranty to 24 months for parts and accessories that are purchased and fitted at an authorized Volvo Penta dealer. Not only is the part itself under warranty but the labor involved in fitting the part is covered as well.

“We already provide a generous warranty on our Genuine Volvo Penta Parts and Accessories, and this will continue as a benefit for all Volvo Penta customers. But we wanted to offer an extra level of protection for customers who buy parts and have them installed through our Volvo Penta dealers,” says Anna Müller, director of business development for aftermarket. “The quality of our parts and accessories, together with our professional dealer network around the world, makes it possible for us to offer even more comprehensive coverage for customers.”

When customers purchase Genuine Volvo Penta Parts or Accessories and have them installed by a Volvo Penta dealer, they have the added benefit of knowing that these parts have been fitted correctly and with Volvo Penta expertise — to secure optimum function and reliability. Furthermore, Genuine Volvo Penta Parts are engineered to the exact specifications and tolerances of Volvo Penta engines and have been designed to work in perfect harmony with one another. They also maintain optimal fuel efficiency, minimizing fuel costs and emissions.

“With Volvo Penta, every link in the chain is strong. We offer high-quality spare parts that are well suited to our engines, as well as outstanding service and expertise. But if something does go wrong, our warranty coverage — both standard and now extended — provides a first-class back-up,” Anna concludes.

Note to the editor: The fitted-parts warranty is now in place and retroactive for any parts purchased and installed since January 1, 2015. Exclusions on 12- and 24-month warranties include all wear and tear parts. The fitted-parts warranty is for 24 months, or 3,000 hours (industrial), 1,000 hours (marine commercial) or 600 hours (marine leisure), whichever comes first. Proof of purchase must be presented. Call-out and delivery not covered.