Volvo Penta & Riviera offer innovation at its best

Riviera set out to break the mold with its latest yacht launch, the Riviera 57 Enclosed Flybridge, which uses Volvo Penta technology to push innovation to the limit. Total integration of onboard functions offers unparalleled control in this state-of-the-art boat, which will debut at the Sydney International Boat Show later this month.
Volvo Penta & Riviera offer innovation at its best

For over 35 years, Volvo Penta has been at the heart of the Riviera brand. And the company’s latest release, the Riviera 57 Enclosed Flybridge, provides customers with not one but three interchangeable propulsion options. It’s an impressive design feature that has been heralded as one of the most innovative aspects of Riviera’s new yacht — not only because of the technical challenges involved but also for the choice now available to customers. Making a debut appearance at the Sydney International Boat Show at the end of July, the Riviera 57 is Riviera’s only flybridge under 60 feet to offer customers the choice of pod or shaft drive.

As a champion of the inboard performance system since its launch in 2005, Riviera considers pod propulsion the future when it comes to recreational boating. But with a shaft drive option available, the Riviera 57 offers something for everyone.

“Volvo Penta IPS has been helping us deliver a premiere boating experience for almost ten years now, but the Riviera 57 is the culmination of everything we’ve learned in one exceptional yacht,” says Rodney Longhurst, chairman and owner of Riviera.

“This latest release is sending a clear message to our customers, as well as our competitors: ‘Times are changing, the industry is shifting, and Riviera is a brand that is at the forefront of innovation.’ Volvo Penta is also an industry thought leader, so our long partnership has changed and progressed organically as the industry has developed over time.”

The embodiment of innovation
There are three drive packages available in the new Riviera 57 — Volvo Penta IPS2-950, Volvo Penta IPS3-1200 or a conventional D13 shaft drive. The standard set-up is the popular twin Volvo Penta IPS2-950 pod configuration with D11 engines, which delivers impressive fuel efficiency, long cruising ranges and high top-end speed.

Customers also have the option to upgrade to the new-generation Volvo Penta IPS3-1200 system with powerful D13 engines, or the traditional Volvo Penta D13-Series shaft drive propulsion system.

Riviera aims to give customers a ‘total boating experience’ — from the propulsion system and Electronic Vessel Control [EVC] options to the opulent fixtures and fittings. Forming part of the Easy Boating philosophy, Volvo Penta IPS handles superbly out on the water or when docking in port and gives a relaxing ride, thanks to its low noise and vibration levels.  

“The reason Riviera is offering customers three different propulsion systems [two pod and one shaft] is twofold,” explains Gavin Rooney, Volvo Penta product specialist and key account manager. “One the one hand it is catering to the demands of a diverse global boating market, but Riviera is also trying to demonstrate, with its own yachts, that while traditional shaft drives work well, Volvo Penta IPS is the way forward. The difference between the results from pod propulsion and shaft drive tests is huge.”

As an engine supplier that prides itself on its proven record of reliability and aftersales care, Volvo Penta was an obvious choice for Riviera, which is dedicated to offering the best service to its valued family of worldwide Riviera boat owners. While the conventional D13 shaft drive is available to customers reluctant to switch to pod propulsion, the Riviera 57 is designed around Volvo Penta IPS — in using the system, customers start to see what the Riviera 57 is really capable of.

In addition to Volvo Penta IPS, the Riviera 57 benefits from a range of other Volvo Penta accessories designed to enhance the yacht’s overall performance. EVC options — including joystick driving and docking, autopilot, dynamic positioning (DPS) and cruise control — and an Interceptor System (IS) all work to enhance overall maneuverability, visibility and performance.

The Glass Cockpit takes Riviera 57’s engine and navigation system to new heights. Volvo Penta’s unique system is displayed in a clean, easy-to-use dashboard, offering concurrent control of the helm and the flybridge dashboard.

And full EVC integration also means that DPS, interceptors and autopilot are controlled via the monitor displays. Volvo Penta’s state-of-the-art Glass Cockpit has been fully integrated with CZone technology, which enhances the operation of lighting, pumps, batteries and the entertainment system. The integrated technology ensures these easy-to-use innovations work to fully enhance time spent on board the Riviera 57.

The Sydney International Boat Show
“As the largest yacht builder in Australia, Riviera is well-known among boaters in the region as a premiere brand that is synonymous with innovation,” says Gavin. “Australia’s coastal weather and sea conditions mean customers look for a boat that has a robust, reliable engine. Volvo Penta helps it meet these local needs.”

Riviera is set to launch the Riviera 57 at the Sydney International Boat Show (July 30 to August 3). Volvo Penta will also be attending the show — its stand WS2 is positioned next to Riviera’s, which is situated near the entrance to the on-water display at booth WS1.