“Our safety commitment is recognised”

The Volvo Group reinforced its commitment to safety at the recent 2015 Enhanced Safety of Vehicles Conference in Gothenburg – owned by the United States’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and co-organized by Volvo – where important research and technologies were presented.
The Volvo Group not only has the vision to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions, but also to be recognized as the leading supplier of safe transport solutions.

The Volvo Group not only has the vision to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions, but also to be recognized as the leading supplier of safe transport solutions. Representatives from the Volvo Group underlined the Group’s safety vision: zero accidents with Volvo Group products as a mind-set and commitment to continue to work to improve safety as long as it is necessary.

“We recognize the immense importance of addressing the safety of all road users, not least that of the vulnerable, which was the central theme of everything we did at this conference. We shared our commitment for society engagement, traffic safety campaigns, human centric research and active safety to enhance visibility and awareness for the drivers,” says Peter Kronberg, Safety Director.

The international conference gathered participating governments, manufacturers, academia and other interested parties from across the globe for four days in Gothenburg, Sweden. The main focus was the presentation of scientific papers, government status reports and workshops aimed at taking vehicle safety to the next level.

Presentations with experts from Group Trucks Technology covered the topics of challenges for a safe human-machine interface design and automatic control of low speed manoeuvring of trucks and trailers. Jan-Ove Östensen, VP Advanced Technology & Research GTT, was part of a panel discussing automated driving.

Further focus on safety
A second important event taking place in Gothenburg the same week in June was Towards Zero, an international conference focusing on the political issues related to global road safety. Mats Deleryd, SVP Core Value Management, was invited to represent the Group and described how a global company works with safety as part of its culture and what contributions are made by the Volvo Group to strive towards zero fatalities in road traffic. The safety awareness campaign Stop, Look, Wave was highlighted.

Safety demonstrations at the AstaZero proving ground and Volvo Demo Center were part of the agenda, as well as a visit to Volvo Museum to take part of the rich safety heritage. The demos included ground-breaking safety innovations, such as automatic braking and automatic reverse techniques.

“Gothenburg and the west of Sweden represent one of the truly leading regions in automotive safety in the world. We are asked about our views in several areas and our opinion matter. But this is something we can’t take for granted, instead we need to reinforce our safety commitment,” says Peter Kronberg.

More facts:
The 2015 International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV) is owned by NHTSA and was hosted by SAFER and the Swedish Road Administration and organized together with Volvo Group, Volvo Car Corporation, Autoliv, Chalmers and the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation on 8-11 June. Some 850 delegates from 26 countries participated.

The Towards Zero Conference is organised by the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Transport Agency and the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, in the presence of the European Commission. The 2015 conference 9-10 June focused on Safety Culture, Automated Transport and Urbanisation and liveable cities. The conference welcomed some 200 delegates and speakers.