Volvo Penta IPS gets supersized

A superyacht: the ultimate symbol of modern luxury. From its sleek design and exquisite finishes, to the engine and EVC options that power it — the Amer 94’ Save the Sea is a thing of beauty. And only one pod system could be worthy of propelling such an impressive vessel — Volvo Penta IPS. Amer 94’ will be on display at Cannes Yachting Festival, September 8 to 13.
Volvo Penta IPS gets supersized
Since its launch in 2005, the popularity of Volvo Penta IPS has grown considerably, and so too has the size of yacht that the system can power. Driven by customer demand, Volvo Penta now offers three different pod sizes available for twin, triple and quadruple installations, making Volvo Penta IPS suitable for yachts from 30 to 100 feet.

Ten years after its original release, Volvo Penta IPS is now being installed in its largest Mediterranean-built yacht to date — Amer Yachts’ Amer 94’ Save the Sea. Measuring 94 ft with 66 t displacement, this latest yacht represents a key turning point in the history of Volvo Penta IPS and will set a precedent that other European superyacht builders are bound to follow.

“Volvo Penta IPS is a tried and tested modern pod system, which is superior to inboard shaft alternatives in almost every respect,” says Barbara Amerio, owner of Amer Yachts. “The level of comfort the system offers is unbeatable, and is something we’ve been keen to offer our customers for a while. But we needed an engine with the power performance to match a traditional shaft line. A triple Volvo Penta IPS1200 installation delivers the power that the Amer 94’ needs.”

The inboard propulsion system uses counter-rotating dual propellers, joystick docking and dynamic positioning to create an Easy Boating experience. Thanks to this state-of the-art boating concept, all systems are compatible, fully integrated and controlled with the EVC system, which supervises all functions, accessories and operations from one platform, including trip computer, engine data, electronic shift and throttle.

“Customers, like Amer Yachts, are beginning to realize that Volvo Penta IPS is a great fit for superyachts,” explains Nicola Pomi, head of Volvo Penta’s marine market Italy. “The Amer 94’ is already attracting attention from other boat builders, which are interested in using Volvo Penta IPS in their own vessels. They are curious about how this compact inboard performance system creates the power to drive a superyacht.”

Quiet and compact
Not only does Volvo Penta IPS offer more power, but it also saves space. The highly efficient system has surprisingly compact engines, meaning that even with three pod drives installed, there is still more room in the hull for living space than in boats installed with other engine systems. By extending the hull a mere two feet over the Amer 92’, the Amer 94’ is able to accommodate five cabins instead of four, making it an attractive model for the charter market.

Dubbed ‘Save the Sea’ for its environmentally conscious take on boating, the Amer 94’ boasts reduced fuel consumption and 30% lower CO2 emissions, thanks to Volvo Penta IPS. This huge savings enables, on average, 40% longer cruising range. In addition, the highly efficient system also offers excellent performance, fewer vibrations and better maneuverability than a traditional inboard system. Furthermore, using Volvo Penta IPS has meant that noise onboard the Amer 94’ has been cut by 50%.

“Volvo Penta IPS is so quiet that boat owners who are new to the system say they initially struggled to tell when the engines are turned on and when they’re turned off,” notes Pomi. “When installed in a superyacht — where luxury and comfort are so important — a practically soundless engine offers an unrivaled boating experience, making Volvo Penta IPS truly unique.”

“It’s time for a superyacht revolution,” Amerio declares. “Volvo Penta is known for industry-defining innovations, and after 10 years of its inboard performance system being available for smaller yachts, times are changing. Volvo Penta IPS will transform the Amer 94’ and other yachts of a similar size. Our latest release was especially designed to support Volvo Penta IPS, so it’s exciting to finally be able to offer this system to our customers and the yachting industry.”

Learn more about the innovation that started it all at stand JETEE147, where Volvo Penta’s D13 and IPS3 engines will be on display. Visitors to the stand can also try out the revolutionary Glass Cockpit dashboard and the Volvo Penta IPS touch screen. The Amer 94’ will also be on display at Amer Yachts’s stand (JETEE005-JETEE117).