Sustainable transport is necessary to achieve UN’s new development goals

On Friday in New York, the UN General Assembly will commence, where global leaders will decide on sustainable development goals for our planet. Seventeen goals aimed at eradicating poverty and securing economic, social and environmentally sustainable development. I will be there to participate in discussions about how the private sector, such as the Volvo Group can contribute.
Sustainable transport is necessary to achieve UN’s new development goals.

For the world to achieve these ambitious goals, it is crucial to utilize the strength that exists in the private sector. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of transport solutions, the Volvo Group has a key role to play. Our products and services give prerequisites for the functioning of communities worldwide. Sustainable transport solutions are necessary to achieve several of the UN’s development goals, for example, the importance of public transport for the cities of the future.

However, transports are also a key component if the world is to achieve the objectives of economic growth, sustainable infrastructure and naturally, to limit climate change. This will require a global transport system that is accessible to everyone and that benefits trade and communication in a sustainable way. For this to become a reality, new innovative transport solutions are required, new ways to finance infrastructure and research and also collaboration between companies and decision-makers.

For the past year, the Volvo Group has been an adviser to the UN through its membership of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s advisory panel for sustainable transport solutions. On November 25, we will host the Volvo Group Sustainability Forum in Stockholm, where representatives from the government, the business community and civil society will be gathered. The objective of the forum, which will be held only a few days prior to the important 2015 Paris Climate Conference, COP21, is to accelerate necessary climate measures. I anticipate that the forum will provide us with new insights, which we will be able to present to the UN’s Secretary General. I look forward to seeing you there!

Niklas Gustafsson
Chief Sustainability Officer,
Volvo Group