The road to efficiency

June 9, Transport & Environment (T&E) hosted an all-day conference in Brussels to discuss the decarbonisation of road transport. Bringing together key policy makers from member states, permanent representations, the Commission, research community, and industry, the debate focused on how European fuel economy standards can help EU countries meet their 2030 climate targets.
June 9, Transport & Environment (T&E) hosted an all-day conference in Brussels.

Niklas Gustafsson, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Volvo Group was invited by T&E to participate in a 70 minute panel debate and discussion focusing on policy options to reduce truck emissions, and the role of fuel economy regulation.

Niklas had the opportunity to address what policy on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption means for the industry and our customer’s customer while commenting on what the industry expects from regulators.

Niklas Gustafsson described that “we know how to meet regulations and standards but we need to improve consumer information, thereby further strengthening market forces.” This has the potential to make the customer the best regulator. Thanks to the Commission’s computer simulation tool, VECTO it will be possible to calculate the specific emissions data for each individual truck combination. This way the customer can choose the most fuel-efficient vehicle combination adapted to their needs.

The conference’s conclusions will serve as input for the European Commission’s July 2016 decarbonisation of transport Communication.

“The truck industry wants to be around in the years to come and remains fully committed to CO2 reduction” states Gustafsson.