Volvo Group in partnership to build world leading production environment

Volvo Group is entering a collaboration with the University of Skövde, Gothia Innovation AB, Volvo Car Corporation and Industrial Development Center West Sweden AB on an integrated innovation environment in Skövde.
Johan Ottosson and Jens Holtinger, Skövde plant.
Johan Ottosson and Jens Holtinger, Skövde plant.

The Innovation environment, Assar Industrial Innovation Arena, will become a platform for exchange of knowledge with national and international companies, universities and institutes, and the goal is to establish a world-leading integrated physical and virtual development environment for research, technological development, innovation and education.

The aim of the initiative is to meet the industry’s global challenges on a regional level by building a center for the industrial research in Skövde. The initiative represents further expansion of the cooperation with the University of Skövde, which is a preferred partner in the Volvo Academic Partner Program.

”A key factor in Volvo Groups investment in the joint process development is collaboration between academia, institutes and other companies. This will also be a crucial step in the development of employees and to attract external expertise”, says Johan Ottosson, Director Manufacturing Engineering, Powertrain Production.

Skövde plant is a world leading facility for production of heavy-duty diesel engines and aslo pilot plant for the production of heavy-duty diesel engines within in the Volvo Group.

“We want to regain our leadership in the field of advanced production technology, which is well in line with Sweden’s industrial policy. With this initiative, we will be able to gain even more cutting-edge knowledge in this field and continue to develop our production methods, to the benefit of all engine factories within the Volvo group. It also gives us a long-term recruitment base” says Jens Holtinger, plant manager Skövde.