Volvo Group is working with the state of California to reduce overall emissions

Volvo Group has been actively engaging with key stakeholders in the state of California to understand their challenges and develop solutions to facilitate growth in goods movement while addressing environmental concerns.
Volvo Group is working with the state of California to reduce overall emissions
Torbjörn Holmström, Senior Adviser Volvo Group, Urban Wass, Senior Vice President, Research & Innovation Policy, and Jan-Ove Ostensson, Vice President, Advanced Technology & Research, together with Alberto Ayala, the Deputy Executive Administrator of CARB (California Air Resources Board) during his visit to Sweden.

The state of California – facing unique problems of poor air quality and congestion – is a leader in environmental regulation and promoting advanced technology vehicles. 

California is making significant investments to develop advanced technology vehicles. In its desire to drive prosperity through transport solutions Volvo Group currently has seven projects operating with state funding or California-based partners. This engagement helps the Volvo Group develop new technologies and products. 

"We are showing them smarter and more realistic ways to address their concerns. In the drayage truck project, we use geofencing to enable zero-emission operation where most needed, while in a subsequent project we will develop this technology to modify the engine calibration and bring lower NOx emissions where there is greatest concern around disadvantaged populations," says Dawn Fenton, Director, Sustainability and Public Affairs.

In order to build on the foundation established by these projects, Public Affairs has been engaging with regulators and legislators to educate them on how a global leader like the Volvo Group is prioritizing its future technology resources and can support the state's 2030 targets to reduce overall emissions.

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