A career of lifelong learning

Sussi Nyman is Volvo Ocean Race Project Manager for Volvo Buses. Step into her shoes and discover her experience within the Volvo Group.
Sussi CU

What does the Volvo Ocean Race bring to your business?
The Volvo Ocean Race is a platform where we meet our customers in a relaxed setting and strengthen our relationship with them. More than a hundred customer groups in total visited the Volvo Pavilion during the Alicante, Lisbon and Cape Town stopovers. Volvo Buses is very involved in the Volvo guest transportation at each port city. Almost three thousand people have made use of our buses as part of the Volvo Ocean Race Experience until now.

What does working at Volvo Buses mean to you?
We feel like a family! I was away for a few years and when I came back it felt like coming home. The company is rather big but also small enough to get to know the business inside out. I’ve worked a lot in events and I think it is a good match for me to have an overall view of what is going on, while at the same time feeling like you are part of everything.

Sussi Wide

What is your goal in your work?
I want to improve the contribution we make to our customers. I want to push the boundaries of how we partner with them in improved ways.

What is your experience at Volvo Group, the mother company of Volvo Buses?
I’ve worked at Volvo Group for almost 16 years and I’m very satisfied with the opportunities that exist within the company to explore its many sectors. I have the feeling that I can always learn more. I started working with a dealer, and after that one thing led to another to bring me to where I am today. Volvo Group is an innovative company at the forefront of what is happening in the industry, and a great way forward for any career.