Volvo once again the most sustainable in the automotive sector

For the fourth consecutive year, Volvo Group was considered the automotive sector’s most sustainable company by Editora Abril’s Guia Exame of Sustainabiliy, Brazil’s largest survey in corporate responsibility.
Volvo once again the most sustainable in the automotive sector

This year, Volvo Group stood out for its energy efficiency initiatives. Since 2012, the company has maintained an energy consumption reduction program in three manufacturing areas and in the distribution and logistics center, in Curitiba (PR), encouraging and promoting the efficient use of energy.

Within its sustainable management model, in 2015 the company implemented the “Energy Treasure Hunt”, which has delivered even better results for the Volvo Group plant in Curitiba. In the last 12 years, Volvo has achieved a reduction of 37% in the energy consumed in the unit in Paraná.

“We have posted good results in relation to energy efficiency due to our management model, that foresees sustainability for the business as a whole. We intend to further increase our sustainable initiatives, so they can be deployed in all sectors”, affirms Carlos Ogliari, vice-president for HR and Corporate Affairs  of the Volvo Group Latin America.

The “Energy Treasure Hunt” project is an initiative targeted at reducing energy consumption and counts with participation of the employees, who are responsible for maintaining ongoing surveys of production lines, voluntarily, identifying waste and suggesting possibilities for changes without requiring major investments.

This is how we work with sustainability.