Volvo best place to work in Brazil

Volvo is elected best place to work and best in leadership in the automotive sector in Brazil. The survey is performed by Guia Você SA 2017, one of the country’s most reputable publications on organizational climate.
Volvo best place to work in Brazil

The survey, carried out since 1997, is an important reference in this area in the country.
“We are hugely proud of having been recognized again as the best company to work in the automotive sector”, affirms Carlos Ogliari, Volvo Group Latin America vice-president of Human Resources and Corporate Affairs.

The brand has been among the leading companies in this ranking for over a decade.
In addition to being the Champion in its sector, in the 2017 edition, Volvo was also the standout in Leadership among all companies surveyed. The consistent leadership development program, the direct and frequent communication between senior management and the other levels of leadership, in addition to the high level of empowerment of the management team, guaranteeing higher autonomy, speed and assertiveness for day to day decisions, all contributed to this. There are close to 200 people in leadership roles at Volvo.

The Você SA survey is carried out in partnership with FIA / USP – Foundation of the Administration Institute of the University of São Paulo. The ranking is established based on assessments by the staff of the hundreds of companies that participant. At a first phase, items like development, compensation, benefits, among others.  

“At Volvo, we also have an inhouse survey for our employees’ brand engagement. In particular in Brazil, our people are very proud of what Volvo delivers to society through safer, innovative and efficient means of transportation”, affirms Ricardo Nanami, Volvo Human Resources director. “Our corporate values are customer success, trust, passion, change and performance. The sum of all this is reflected in an excellent organizational climate”, finalizes Carlos Ogliari.