Samuel has never regretted his choice

The IT job of the future is in the automotive industry. That’s the view of Samuel Alinder, IT Solution Architect at the Volvo Group. “There’s a major development happening at the moment and things are moving quickly,” he says. “This is where it’s happening.”

Samuel Alinder is a graduate of Electrical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has been working in the Volvo Group for over 20 years and has never regretted his choice of subject.

“I’ve always been interested in the automotive industry and in working with the technology in vehicles,” he says. “It’s an innovative and growing sector with modern technology. Just take the development of self-driving and electric vehicles, where IT experts have a large and key role to play.”

Samuel believes that the career opportunities within the Volvo Group are almost unlimited. He has personally taken the opportunity to work with many of the different companies within the Group and for a time travelled the globe introducing modern, new IT tools.

“It’s easy to pursue your personal development plan within the company. As an IT engineer there are so many opportunities to choose from. We work with all kinds of technology and architecture. Just consider the amount of software in a truck compared to, for example, a car. A truck has everything a car does, plus so much more. We also work on buses and construction equipment, so there is a lot of variety,” Samuel opines.

At the moment he is responsible for a team of eight who are working on software in a somewhat unusual way.

“Instead of being a bunch of IT experts working in our own separate fields, we cooperate towards a common solution. The result is a broader knowledge within the teams, and more fun at work. We are also significantly less vulnerable and can deliver faster,” he explains.

Samuel goes on to reveal that the team also work closely with product developers within the group, which he also believes is important.

“We’re not some separate department, we’re actually a part of the business. We contribute to product development with our skills and we work together to achieve the best outcome,” he says.

Samuel believes that the future is bright. Thanks to exciting new technology, there are no limits.

“We need young and curious IT engineers with a passion for what they do. There are unlimited opportunities here,” he concludes.

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