Someone taking us further

“Bringing the players together, unified as a team and cheering for each other.” This is what makes a great leader for Janessa. She is the winner of Volvo Group’s photo contest on leadership.
Someone taking us further

The story behind the picture

“I took this picture at our son’s soccer game in El Paso, Texas. It is a really candid shot, captured at the end of the game. The coach went over the ups and down of the game with the players and then the team gathered around for one last team cheer.” shares Janessa Cazier, winner of the Volvo Group photo contest “Someone taking us further”.

What is it like to be a leader?

“Frankly, I do not remember if the team won or lost this particular game. But one thing is sure- every time the kids meet an adverse team, they improve their game and gain experience. Thanks to their coach, they strengthen the ties that bind them together and develop a strong team spirit. The coach has always been encouraging the kids with patience, positive mindset and kindness.

Whatever the outcome of the game is, he always ends it like this. He brings the players together, unified as a team, cheering for each other and ready for the next game. I strongly believe that this is what makes a great leader.”