Loading and unloading goods 
Volvo Group Trucks Operations Köping


Upon arrival, park in the designated area when you arrive. Make sure to have your documents, trailer ID, and registration number ready.


Register your arrival at the goods reception office where you will be assigned a loading space and time for loading.


Note that it is mandatory to wear safety clothing and protective shoes on our premises.


Charge your electric truck at our site

At the goods dispatch area (Betagatan 2), there is a charging station with two chargers available at the truck parking area. Through ChargeFinder, you can check whether the chargers are available or in use.


The charging station is open 24/7, and there is plenty of space for trucks, trailers, or other large vehicles while you charge.


Payment is made by card. No app or registration is required.


The station delivers a maximum of 350 kW when one charger is in use and 175 kW when both are used simultaneously.


Other information

Coffee or tea, as well as water, can be offered on-site if you wish. Let the staff know, and they will serve you.


Inside the goods dispatch area (Betagatan 2), you have access to toilets and shower facilities.


Delivery address

Goods reception Betagatan 

Volvo Group Trucks Operations
T factories Betagatan 2
731 36 Köping


Goods reception Alfagatan 

Volvo Group Trucks Operations
E factory Alfagatan 2
​​​​​​​731 80 Köping


Telephone number

+4672 8624981