Volvo Aero launches a unique offer with two other Volvo companies

At Farnborough Air Show, Volvo Aero launches a new way to offer customized services to the global aviation community.
Volvo Logistics has extensive experience of transport and logistics. Volvo Finance has the financial knowledge. Together with Volvo Aero’s long experience of components and service, the three companies can provide a wide range that few, if any, in the industry can match.

The combined offer can be summarized in the following categories:

• Development, Production and Product Support
• Inventory Sales, Distribution and Redistribution
• Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
• Asset ManagementAt Farnborough Air Show, Volvo Aero launches a new way to offer customized services to the global aviation community. Through the combined resources of  Volvo Aero, Volvo Logistics and Volvo Financial Services, a unique offer of combined resources with individual solutions is created, a “Volvo Aero Mall”.
• Financial Services
• Logistics

This offer includes combined solutions tailored for different customer types, such as OEMs (both aircraft and engine), airlines, MRO shops, defence customers, as well as leasing companies.

Together with Volvo Logistics and Volvo Financial Services, Volvo Aero wants to make the transition from transaction to relationship. Instead of maximizing profits at every occasion, the three companies focus on helping their customers to develop their business. The aim is to build long-term relationships with customers in order to create increased customer value.

”Serving the aviation and aerospace markets with innovative and efficient solutions is vital to the Volvo Group in its ambition of being a leading provider of commercial transport solutions. From our common core of industrial competence and financial strength, we create benefits for our customers in all markets”, comments Leif Johansson, CEO at AB Volvo.

The companies involved are enthusiastic about the new concept, with combined resources:

 “The combination of services makes us unique and also gives our customers the opportunity to cut the number of suppliers”, says Fred Bodin, President and CEO at Volvo Aero.

“We have tested the concept over several years and know that our customers are very interested. For example, we have sold a mixed range to Boeing, Honeywell and American Airlines,” adds Claes Malmros, President at Volvo Aero Services.

For Volvo Financial Services and Volvo Logistics, the aviation industry is a very attractive sector.

“Aviation is one of our most important growth areas,” states Åke Niklasson, CEO Volvo Logistics

”Our dedication to the aviation market motivated us to create a separate company, Volvo Aero Leasing, to meet the requirements of our most demanding customers for efficient financial service solutions. The aviation market remains one of our most interesting areas for growth and development”, says Sal Mauro, CEO Volvo Finance.

July 17, 2004

For further information, please contact
Oskar Brännström, Project Manager, Volvo Aero, +46 706268316, or
Robert Lundberg, Marketing Director, Volvo Aero,  +46 70 5775375, or
Hank Gibson, Senior Vice President, Volvo Aero Services, +46 1 561 542 7677

You can also read more about Volvo Aero´s involvement in environmentally friendly aero engines  in our customer magazine, 1-2004, which can be found as a pdf on Internet, 
/News and Media/Publications/aero magazine/ page 26-27.