Volvo expands backhoe range with launch of BL61

Customers of Volvo Construction Equipment’s (Volvo CE) new BL61 backhoe loader are in for a surprise – the technology, performance and build quality of its larger backhoes have been designed into this scaled-down model.
Customers of Volvo Construction Equipment’s (Volvo CE) new BL61 backhoe loader are in for a surprise – the technology, performance and build quality of its larger backhoes have been designed into this scaled-down model. The result is a backhoe with the power to deep trench, heavy lift, load and crane – today and every day for years to come; such is the quality users have come to expect with Volvo CE machines.

The result of customer demand for an entry-level backhoe, Volvo CE has developed the BL61 in close cooperation with users. Power was a main criterion, and so the BL61 is fitted with a four cylinder turbo-charged Volvo engine, which produces 64 kW (86 bhp) and features 40% torque rise. This is mated to a Powershuttle gearbox with four synchronized forward and reverse gears and electro-hydraulic switching between forward/reverse. There is a foot operated differential lock that allows 100% full lock on the rear axle. A low consumption drive train and a fuel tank of 120 litre capacity will help to keep the BL61 at work for longer between refills.

Taking the load…
The box-welded front loading arms are shaped to follow the line of the engine cover for good visibility, while its self leveling system (with ‘float’ and ‘return to dig’ modes) allows the operator to concentrate on machine positioning. The loader’s fixed flow hydraulic system also provides rapid cycle times.  The centre mounted dump cylinder also allows a better view of all this going on (as well as increasing digging power).

The loader comes with an integral safety strut and a general purpose bucket of 1 m3, or an optional multi-purpose bucket that boasts nine functions.  A forks kit for handling pallets is also available, as is a range of teeth options.

The loader arm has a lift capacity of 2530kg; while breakout force is 41.8 kN (the bucket breakout force is 44.5 kN). An optional Boom Suspension System smoothes out the ride control, reducing the amount the bucket bounces on uneven surfaces, keeping more material in the bucket.

And digging in…
At the rear of the machine, the backhoe excavator has a side shift feature, while the boom is narrow and curved (again for improved visibility) and includes a hydraulic boom lock and manual swing locking pin. The swing post is made from cast iron and there is an extendible dipper option, which increases reach by 990 mm. The standard dipper uses a 0.21 m3 bucket, has a digging force of 53 kN and can dig down to 4.3 m (extending to 5.37 m with the longer dipper arm). A hydraulic or mechanical quick hitch attachment bracket is available for rapid tool changing, and the operator can choose between traditional backhoe levers – or controls similar to those found on excavators. The backhoe cylinders are cushioned to eliminate jolting and the rigid hydraulic lines are cleanly routed inside the boom.

The BL61’s hydraulics are of the open centre type that optimise power by flow sharing – which allow several functions to be performed at the same time. The hydraulic lines, fitting pins and bolt are all corrosion protected and hydraulic fittings use o-ring face seals that help prevent against leaks.

The operator environment and service convenience were two areas highlighted for special attention by users. Because of this, the BL61 has a ROPS cab with large glasshouse for good all-round visibility, easy-to-read instruments, adjustable suspension seat and uncluttered floor area. The controls are positioned to reduce fatigue, helped by comfortable grips that require low effort to operate. The side and rear windows can be opened for ventilation or air conditioning can be fitted as an option. Safe entry to the machine is helped by handrails and three steps into the cab, while for servicing, all regular maintenance points are grouped together under a wide opening engine cover that are accessible from ground level. Greasing intervals are extended to once a week.

Options include additional lighting, reversing alarm; hammer hydraulic circuit; overload indicator; and boom, dipper & loader safety valves.

July 30, 2004

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