Volvo CE introduces Short Swing Radius compact excavator range with uncompromising operator comfort

Volvo CE is launching its ECR range of short swing radius compact excavators from 2.5 to 8 tonnes, designed to meet the needs of operators working in confined areas.

According to Didier Lavigne, product manager for the ECR range: “Our customers wanted a range of machines to meet their needs in these difficult working areas, and we believe that the Volvo ECR compact excavators are exactly that. They are much more than just short swing excavators – they are also high performance units that are comfortable and safe to operate - and easy to service.”

Operator comfort and safety are key features of these excavators. Each machine has an exceptionally spacious cab, an uncluttered floor, and an adjustable suspension seat with a high back and joystick armrests. The cabs and canopies come standard with a FOPS 1, ROPS, and TOPS safety structure to prevent injury from falling objects, rollover or tip over. There is good all-round visibility from the cab thanks to a large glass area; narrow cab pillars and a sloping cover for the engine. Exterior rear-view mirrors also enhance visibility and the safe use of the machine.

The instrument panel has been installed in front of the operator so that all principal functions can be easily monitored. Operator fatigue is reduced thanks to the easy-grip, high response joystick control levers, which are mounted on to the suspension seat. All Controls are locked out when a console is raised, thus helping to prevent the risk of an accident when the operator enters or exits the cab.

The machines have been designed to substantially reduce noise both inside and outside the cab, further reducing operator fatigue and improving safety on jobsites. The cab has been installed on rubber mountings to help reduce vibration – and isolate the operator from the rigors of the jobsite.

New-generation direct injection, 16-valve Volvo adapted diesel engines provide both good performance and low exhaust emissions; exceeding all current engine standards. They are available with an auto-idling system, similar to that found on Volvo’s larger excavators. This system lowers engine speed to idle if the operator has not used the controls for five seconds or more. It then automatically returns the engine to the pre-selected working speed when any control is used.  This system offers the benefits of lower fuel consumption, less on-site noise and a longer engine life.

The ECR58 and 88 come with an automatic two-speed travel system: the travel speed is automatically shifted from High to Low according to the travel load, making the machines more productive at leveling or backfilling work. The system also delivers maximum steering turn effort even in the high speed for improved control and maneuverability.

The ECR models are built for productivity because they employ proven Volvo components. The load-sensing hydraulic system with flow sharing provides a total independence of each movement for better precision and productivity.  The right hand joystick control lever comes with the finger tip controlled proportional roller, which allows the operator to infinitely vary the flow to the accessory circuit with his thumb; thereby giving more control over the machine and its attachments. Ideal for when using tilting buckets or grapples.

The hydraulic system also allows the operator to move the machine forward or backwards while continuing to dig –important when grading and working in restricted spaces. The machines also feature good breakout and tear-out forces.

The engine is located on the side and has been fitted with a large cover that can be opened wide for unobstructed access to the routine service points. The bucket cylinder hoses are protected on the inside the width of the dipper and the O-Ring Face Seal technology of the hydraulic connectors provides good resistance to pressure peaks and vibrations – helping to reduce the risk of leaks. Such measures as these will enhance the resale value of these innovative machines.

July 15, 2004

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