Volvo Penta delivers generator sets to Russian tanker vessels

Volvo Penta is delivering generator sets to a total of eight tanker vessels ordered by the Russian shipping company Palmali Shipping.

Palmali Shipping is increasing its fleet with a total of ten new tankers for transport of crude oil, petrochemical products and chemicals. The ships are being built at the Tersan Tersanecilik shipyard in Istanbul.

To date, three vessels in the so-called “Armada series” have been launched and Palmali Shipping chose generator sets from three different engine manufacturers for these ships.
Volvo Penta’s installation was used aboard the M/T Armada Trader.

After careful evaluation of the various alternatives, Palmali Shipping concluded that Volvo Penta’s installation best fulfilled the demands placed on the generator sets. Accordingly, it decided to equip the remaining seven vessels in the series with Volvo Penta’s solution.
Simplicity and quality were decisive

According to Mehmet Gazioglu, Administration Manager at Tersan Tersanecilik, the shipyard’s experience from the installation work affected Palmali Shipping’s decision:
“The simple installation saves time and money. In addition, the load distribution worked smoothly,” says Mehmet Gazioglu.

Volvo Penta also contributed to enhancing the efficiency of the testing and ship classification by providing the shipyard with expertise and documentation.

High demand on equipment
The engine room on the M/T Armada Trader is unmanned, which places high demands on the engine’s reliability and the flexibility of the monitoring system.

The installation is based on three Volvo Penta D-12-AUX at 294 kW each, which combined provide the vessel’s main power supply. An emergency unit at 133 kW was also installed.

Two more ships being built this year
Volvo Penta has received an order for two more installations during 2004 and signed a contract with Palmali Shipping for delivery of complete generator sets to the remaining five vessels in the series. 

“This is a major project and we are proud to provide Palmali Shipping with complete solutions for power supply onboard,” says Mehdi Kilic, Volvo Türk Ltd.

Technical data, M/T Armada Trader
Length:   138.70 m
Beam:    16.50 m
Draught, river/sea:  3.6/4.3 m
Dwt, river/sea:   4,530/6,200 tons
Speed:    10.5 knots
Capacity:   7,471 m3, of which 7,221 m3 in cargo tanks.
Crew:    9
Shipyard:   Tersan Tersanecilik, Turkey
Customer:   Palmali Shipping, Russia


Volvo Penta engines onboard
Generator sets:   3 X Volvo Penta D12-AUX
Emergency unit:  1 X Volvo Penta TAMD74A

June 23, 2004

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