Environmental charges in Stockholm create major order for Volvo Buses

Volvo Buses has received an order for 184 articulated buses from Stockholm, Sweden. The buses will be used for passengers expected to park their cars outside the city when Stockholm introduces environmental charges next summer.
A trial will be held from late summer next year for so-called environmental charges, or congestion charges. Drivers who want to drive in or out of Stockholm during working hours on weekdays will have to pay a fee. The charges are being introduced for environmental reasons and it is hoped that a lot of people will park their cars and travel by public transport instead. Around 200 more buses will be needed to handle these extra passengers.
It is now clear that Volvo Buses will supply nearly all of these new buses. The 184 articulated bus order has been placed by three operators: Swebus, Busslink and Connex. This is Volvo Buses' largest ever order in Sweden for deliveries in a single year.
"Everyone knows that the environment is improved if more passengers travel by bus instead of car," says Stefan Guttman, CEO of Volvo Buses Sweden. "I hope that our new, modern buses will help more drivers in Stockholm discover the advantages of traveling by bus."
The order is for 175 Volvo 8500 LEAs. These are 18.7 m long articulated low-entry buses, for ease-of-use by disabled passengers and passengers with pushchairs. The model is equipped with a 9-litre diesel engine, which is located upright in the front part of the bus.
"The Volvo 8500 LEA is our new low-entry bus," says Stefan Guttman. "It has satisfied our customers high expectations, and sales of this model have exceeded all forecasts."

The chassis is manufactured at Volvo Buses' plant in Borås, Sweden and the bodywork will be manufactured by Volvo Buses' plant in Säffle, Sweden. The remaining nine buses will also be articulated, but will be the Volvo 7700 model with a natural gas engine. Delivery will be between February and August 2005.

November 3, 2004
For further information, please contact Stefan Guttman, General Manager, Volvo Buses Sweden on +46 (0)31 66 86 81 or Per-Martin Johansson, Media Relations on +46 (0)31 322 52 00
High-resolution pictures of the bus: