Volvo Logistics to supply packaging to GM

For the first time, Volvo Logistics has been awarded a contract for the supply and maintenance of a complete packaging system for a GM factory. The factory, which is located in Luton, England, manufactures the Vauxhall Vivaro van.
Volvo Logistics will provide the factory's 55 suppliers with re-usable packaging which will be used to carry components into the factory. Volvo Logistics will also manage all transport flows for the packaging, which will be an extensive operation, as the suppliers are located in ten different European countries.
"We are very happy that GM have chosen our solution," says Åke Niklasson, President of Volvo Logistics. "We have extensive experience in the automotive logistics field, and we are really looking forward to showing GM what we can do."
The contract, which will run for three years, will take effect on June 1.

April 15, 2005