Volvo Aero Norge AS selected as supplier to Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

Volvo Aero Norway has today entered an agreement with Pratt & Whitney to produce the intermediate case for the F135 engine for the Joint Strike Fighter. This component will be produced in addition to the low-pressure turbine (LPT) shaft, which Volvo Aero Norway already produces for the F135 engine.
This is a highly important milestone for Volvo Aero Norway. With this agreement, the company gains a significant foothold in one of the most important military engine programs for many years. The production of the intermediate case strengthens the company's position within its strategic product areas. The first parts are to be delivered in 2007. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is expected to become one of the dominant fighter aircraft of the coming decades and sales of more than 5,000 aircraft are forecast. The aircraft will be certified with two engines, the Pratt & Whitney F135 and the General Electric F136. Volvo Aero Norway was established nearly 30 years ago as a division of Kongsberg Vpenfabrikk (later Norsk Jetmotor and, since 1999, Volvo Aero Norway) is connection with Norway's procurement of the F16. Today, the company produces and delivers approximately 160 shafts for this engine and will continue to do so for many years to come. This demonstrates the importance of the long-term perspective in agreements of this kind. The potential value of the agreements may amount to as much as USD 100 M and will help secure work for the current labor force. Key figures: Sales:approximately NOK 850 M Sales, civilian engine programs: approximately 75% Sales, military engine programs: approximately 25% Number of employees: approximately 440 Owners: Volvo Aero Corporation (78%) and United Technologies, PW (22%) Customers: Pratt & Whitney Snecma General Electric US Air Force National air-defense forces of Norway, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands July 11, 2005 For further information, please contact Market Manager Odd Tore Kurverud on tel.: +47 92-82 83 14