Volvo Penta IPS – now also for boats in commercial operation

Volvo Penta’s revolutionary new propulsion system for boats – Volvo Penta IPS – is now being launched for commercial operation. The new system offers planing boats performance and comfort that was previously not possible.
In conjunction with the Europort trade fair in Rotterdam, Volvo Penta launches its renowned propulsion system now also available for commercial boats.

Volvo Penta IPS has created a sensation in the marine world. It delivers unsurpassed performance, comfort and fuel economy compared with traditional shaft installations.

Steerable propulsion units mounted on the underside of the boat, with twin and forward-facing propellers deliver an impressively high power transfer and very much improved manoeuvrability.
The propellers work in completely undisturbed water, the Duoprop technology balances out any lateral forces and the prop wash is parallel with the boat’s underside.

Total electronic steering
Volvo Penta IPS is entirely integrated into Volvo Penta’s internally developed electronic platform EVC. This means that the entire system, steering, throttle/transmission, engine monitoring, etc. is controlled by the can bus-based EVC system.

This offers increased operational safety, improved additionally by the fact that all systems are designed with full redundancy. Any error messages are presented to the driver in clear text.

Superior comfort
Comfort for the crew and passengers onboard a boat fitted with Volvo Penta IPS is very much improved compared with a boat with a shaft installation. Exhaust fumes are emitted through the propulsion unit into the prop wash under the boat which principally eliminates smell, smoke and noise onboard. The propulsion unit absorbs all propulsion forces and the vibrations that are created are effectively dampened by the double rubber rings. This effectively manages propeller generated vibrations and means that the engine is unaffected by the propeller forces. This allows the engine to be flexibly mounted, facilitating the effective dampening of engine vibrations.

Tested in a demanding environment
Skipper Kjell Hyttan, with his home port in Träna near the polar circle on the west-coast of Norway, has used the Volvo Penta IPS for more than two years. He works his 15-meter, 15-ton Atlantic Leader vessel year-round in tough conditions, monitoring fishing and operating passenger traffic, tourist traffic and also functioning as a taxi boat.

“To date, I have driven in excess of 2,000 hours. Performance, comfort and fuel efficiency are excellent. The boat holds good directional stability and is especially easy to manoeuvre at low speeds - the bow thruster is not required. Vibrations and noise are minimal, which is a positive feature when operating passenger traffic,” says Kjell Hyttan.

Quick installation, easy service
Volvo Penta IPS is delivered as a complete system with everything required for a twin engine installation, including steering, controls, engines, propulsion units, and an integrated system for throttle and transmission. The propulsion unit also functions as exhaust manifold, muffler and cooling water intake, which means that it is not necessary for the boat designer to create extra openings in the hull. Comparison tests by boat builders demonstrate that installation time is halved compared with the traditional inboard engines.

Service requirements are very low. Oil levels in the engine and the propulsion units can easily be checked from inside the boat. Electronic throttle, transmission and steering mean that no calibrating of the mechanical system is required. In addition, there are no propeller shafts to adjust. Excluding the regular engine service, the only additional task is an oil change of the propulsion units.

Engines with low emissions
The Volvo Penta IPS400 is an in-line 6-cylinder marine diesel engine with a 5.5-liter displacement and common rail fuel injection system. It is essentially the same engine as the Volvo Penta D6 that has been adapted to the demands of the Volvo Penta IPS system. The engine is turbo-charged with a charge-air cooler that instantly delivers maximum power from low rpm. Exhaust emissions are very low and comply with the marine commercial demands from IMO and EPA 2.

November 1, 2005

For further information, please contact Ann-Charlotte Emegård, AB Volvo Penta, tel: +46 31 66 84 18,