The entire Volvo Ocean Race fleet in Cochin

Team Russia has finished leg two of the Volvo Ocean Race and was the eighth and final boat to arrive in Cochin. Just in time to join the inauguration of the Race Village.

Torben Grael and his international crew onboard Ericsson 4 made it two wins in a row when they crossed the finish of leg two of the Volvo Ocean Race in Cochin, India early Sunday morning local time.

Adding the four points the team collected for passing through the leg two scoring gate, to the eight points for a leg win, boosts the team’s overall score to 26 points.

On stepping ashore in Cochin, skipper Torben Grael said, “I am very happy to be here. The trip had a lot of very difficult conditions, cold and wet and the light Doldrums. We had many breakdowns, but we got to the gate in a good position and of course, we are very happy to be here in first place after a hard few days and to get a good result.”

Telefonica Blue picked up seven points with its second place finish.

"This race is not over yet," he repeated over and again. "The gap between us is closing all the time and we are only going to get better. We can definitely win this race", said skipper Bouwe Bekking.

Ericsson 3 crossed the finish line on Monday at 13:00 local time to earn third place, followed by Telefonica Black, Puma, Delta Lloyd and Green Dragon. A couple of days ago, Team Russia chose a more easterly route which turned out to be a less fortunate decision. They crossed the finish line on Wednesday, December 3 at 18:53 local time, just in time to join the inauguration of the Race Village.

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