Volvo Group and ETSC continue “Safe & Sober” campaign

Every year, about 40,000 people die in road accidents throughout Europe. One-third of these accidents are directly linked to alcohol caused by one to two percent drivers who had an illegal BAC-level.

Through the “Safe & Sober” campaign, both Volvo Group and the ETSC (European Transport Safety Council) aim to increase knowledge of the links between alcohol and accidents in traffic, campaigning to reduce alcohol-related accidents. The campaign focuses primarily on politicians, opinion-builders, safety organisations and the transport industry.

Today the 10th Safe & Sober Talk took place in Copenhagen, Denmark in cooperation with the Danish Traffic Safety council “Sikker Trafik”. A number of new Danish political initiatives to hinder drink driving were presented by the Danish Minister of Justice, Brian Mikkelsen.

Antonio Avenoso and Vojtech Eksler from ETSC gave an outline of the European status on drink driving supplemented by input from Jesper Solund from the Danish Road Safety Council how provided a number of available measures in Denmark.

“ETSC’s effort to leverage awareness on transport safety issues on a pan-European level is something that Volvo Truck Corporation highly appreciates. With “safety” being one of Volvo Group’s corporate values we are striving for the same goals. Our long-standing relationship with ETSC is a natural one and I am happy to announce that we are continuing our support to the Safe & Sober Campaign for the next few years. By doing so, we will continue to increase insight into risks and voluntary use of the alco-lock which represents an important step towards reducing traffic fatalities,” says Lennart Pilskog, manager of Public Affairs at Volvo Trucks.

Antonio Avenoso, Executive Director of the European Transport Safety Council said that “ETSC is very enthusiastic to continue the Safe & Sober campaign together with Volvo Group. Their help has been instrumental in raising awareness and consequently reducing the number of road deaths in Europe.”

Dirk De Muynck, Director of Communications at Volvo Group Representation EU, added: “The Safe & Sober campaign has proven to be very effective. We have seen certain member states introducing BAC level legislation. Nevertheless, the harmonisation of BAC levels throughout the EU is an issue in which clear steps from the European Commission would be very welcome."

About the Safe & Sober Talks:
Volvo Group and ETSC work together to improve local, regional and national guidelines for preventing drink-driving. Through the “Safe & Sober Talks”, a series of debates that are being held in selected member states throughout Europe, Volvo Group and ETSC also endeavour to identify and support good examples in the health and transport sectors and carry out training programmes and information activities.

About ETSC:

ETSC is an independent and non-profit-making organisation that bases its work on research and development for bringing about a reduction in the number of traffic fatalities in Europe.

For further information, please contact Dirk De Muynck, Director Communications & Media Relations, Volvo Group Representation, EU, tel. +32-2-482-58-73 or +32-475-93-58-81.

Image text: Danish Minister of Justice, Brian Mikkelsen outlining new Danish political initiatives on Drink Driving