Volvo IT launches one of the first real-time innovation jams on Facebook

From October 2011-July 2012, IT-related challenges will be issued on Facebook from the Volvo IT crew at each of the ten cities where the Volvo Ocean Race stops. Volvo IT is using a specially developed application for inviting Facebook users to participate in the IT delivery to the race from wherever they are in the world.
On a mission to deliver a world-class IT platform to the Volvo Ocean Race, Volvo IT has experience as the official IT supplier to the race for two previous races.  Work with the race is done in a constantly changing environment, where 60% of things are possible to plan and the other 40% require an out-of-the-box approach.

“We know that there will be situations that we can’t plan for and this is a new and exciting way to find creative solutions to some of the race’s unusual challenges. By using real-time and interactive innovation jams on Facebook, we are also moving our innovative thinking forward,” says Christer Brasta, Director of Corporate Communications & Marketing at Volvo IT. 

“The race requires our Volvo IT crew to implement solutions in locations that aren’t typically ideal for IT- like seaside, on rooftops or in the trees. This often calls for creative problem solving within a very short amount of time. So, with this Facebook concept, we are looking for ideas that can be implemented within hours or days after each jam has ended.”

Through the dedicated Facebook app, participants have the chance to submit their ideas on how to solve each challenge.  The app also makes it easy to suggest new ideas, along with a photo, link, or video, as well as to share ideas through friends on Facebook. There is also the ability to “like” or comment on ideas submitted by others.

A winner will be selected for each challenge – based on the number of likes received and the feasibility of implementing the idea at the race. The objective after each challenge will be to implement winning ideas directly into the IT delivery to the Volvo Ocean Race.

The innovation jam invites everyone with a passion for IT to participate hands-on to the IT delivery for one of the world’s most extreme sporting competitions. 

 “Cooperation and teamwork are essential to success – both for the sailing teams out on the water and for our Volvo IT crew in each location where the race stops. There is a huge IT community out there around the globe and we want to find a fun and innovative way to connect and collaborate,” concludes Christer Brasta.

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About the Facebook App
Volvo IT is using an off-the-shelf, Facebook application developed by Spigit, an innovation company headquartered in Pleasanton, California.

Volvo IT’s deliveries to the Volvo Ocean Race include

  • Effective communications at each of the ten cities the Volvo Ocean Race visits
  • Providing IT hardware and support for the race headquarters in Alicante, Spain
  • Delivering hands-on IT support for the race staff and media centers in each city
  • Enabling wireless connectivity for each of the race’s participating teams