One million downloads

Since the launch of Transporters, the game has been downloaded over a million times in App Store and Google Play. Yessin Chouaia was one of the first people to download the app, challenge his colleagues and become the proud owner of a Transporters T-shirt.
Yessin Chouaia, consultant at Volvo Group in Lyon

Whether we are talking about transporting food, carrying passengers and goods, or building roads and houses, the Volvo Group meets daily needs all over the world. A playful way to illustrate the Volvo Group’s contribution to society is Transporters, which was launched one month ago. It’s a game where you get behind the wheel of one of the Group’s many vehicles and carry out a variety of transport assignments. This week, Transporters passed an impressive one million downloads in App Store and Google Play.

Yessin Chouaia is a consultant at Volvo Group in Lyon where he works as an electrical designer. He heard about the game via a colleague and the team he works in decided to start their own competition.

“In the end, I was the only member of my team to exceed 200,000 points,” he says.

But he didn’t stop there. With 346,269 points he made sure to become the overall winner of the first weekly competition and thus a lucky winner of the exclusive Transporters T-shirt.

“I’m happy to be the winner of the first weekly competition! I was aiming for that, and I did it”, he says.

What’s your impression of the game?
“It’s very well-designed and shows the expertise of the Volvo Group and all the fields in which the company operates. But for me it’s not only a game, it also shows how the Volvo Group contributes to everyday life whether with public transport such as buses, with environmental protection, or with public services such as fire trucks. Stories published on the globe are a great way to show the presence of the Volvo Group all over the world.”

Which vehicle is your favourite?
“In the game I must say the fire truck. But in real life I would say the snowplough and it would be really fun to visit a factory where snowploughs are built.”

Any tips or tricks to share?
“Yes, play the game on a tablet if you have one – it gives a better view. In the beginning, when the speed isn’t so fast, choose vehicles that bring the most points possible, like fire trucks and buses. As speed increases, choose the wheel loader or snowplough to help you to clear the way.”

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