Volvo Penta expands its offer of factory remanufactured exchange components for marine products

Inboard Performance System (IPS) drives and components are now among the products which can be remanufactured and added to the exchange system.
With a guarantee of providing the same quality, reliability and performance as new Genuine Volvo Penta Parts, the Volvo Penta Exchange system enables our customers to have components replaced more quickly and offers a cost-effective alternative to repair and overhaul. The Exchange system has been run by the Volvo Group since the 1950s, and today, Volvo Penta’s offers more than 600 components in the Exchange system.

“We’re highly focused in developing remanufactured products to offer lower cost of ownership for our customers,” says Martin Fjellman, product manager for Volvo Penta’s Exchange Components.

“We’re pleased to be including new products to the range of components which can be exchanged in this way, and as always, the quality of remanufactured components is as the same as for a new Genuine Volvo Penta Parts, so we are offering genuine performance at a lower cost.”

Genuine performance, lower cost
The Exchange system works by customers receiving and installing a factory remanufactured component and returning the replaced component to the dealer. Volvo Penta Exchange components are completely restored to new condition and meet the same stringent quality and safety requirements as new parts.

All remanufactured components are kept current with technical design changes and are offered with the same warranty as new Genuine Volvo Penta Parts.

“It’s a lot quicker and offers a cost-effective alternative to having a product repaired, so it’s great for customers in securing uptime and lowering the cost of ownership. Remanufacturing also reduces the environmental impact by bringing new life to selected components, while unused material from the process is taken care of in an environmentally safe way and recycled to create new raw material if possible,” says Fjellman.

The remanufacturing and exchange process is mainly available for customers in Europe and the US, but Volvo Penta will include more countries in the core return setup such as Australia and Russia.